Lipoma Treatment Without Surgery

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Talking with a doctor about lipoma usually results in a standard conversation: the doctor will explain that lipomas are noncancerous and there is no reason to worry about the growth, and that they only option for treatment is by having it surgically removed. Typically, doctors suggest that the lipoma should left alone if it is not causing any serious blockage or issue, although in some cases people want to have the lipoma removed for surgical reasons.

Lipoma Surgery Precautions

Before rushing into surgery, it is important to understand that you have more options other than going under the knife. There are natural remedies that should be considered, especially because of the fact that there are inherent risks with any surgery.

A lipoma surgery is a small procedure, and can be done on an outpatient basis by numbing the local area and then slicing the skin open to remove the growth. Usually the incision is small, although it may be a larger cut if the lipoma is big. But, there are risks that can occur, even with a tiny incision.

Whenever the skin is cut, there is the risk of infection or complications. Sometimes, infection may occur on location, or the area may fill with watery fluid that needs to be drained. Other complications of surgery may include excessive bleeding, nerve damage, or regrowth of the lipoma after it has been removed.

Other Lipoma Treatment Options

Many people are surprised to hear that simple diet changes can reduce lipoma growth, and there are also specific supplements that may be used as well. Most doctors do not talk about these natural remedies, mainly because they are not familiar with the natural remedies– their training is based on medical procedures such as surgery.

Logically, it makes sense that a diet adjustment may have an effect on lipoma, because lipomas are fatty deposits. So, adjusting your fat consumption can alter the rate of growth of the lipoma. Additionally, some of the lipoma supplements may help the body to process the fat cells more effectively, which will allow those fat deposits to be absorbed back into the body once again.



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