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“You know you’re a winner when winning becomes a lifestyle.”

Perpetual Winning

Winners are always winning. They’re always celebrating their victories and they’re always enjoying the process of playing to win. At the same time, they don’t allow their victories to get the best of them. Instead, they’re consistently seeking out new opportunities to challenge themselves and to play the game to win.

For winners, the winning never ends. The show is never over. They never rest on their laurels or get complacent. They have an insatiable hunger for playing the game, for winning, for becoming a better person and for making the world a better place.

And that’s what makes the world their oyster.

It’s like the writer Oscar Wilde once said:

“The world belongs to the discontented.”

Think about it, when a person is content ,the most natural course of action is to relax. Of course it’s important to your mind body and spirit that you take the time to rest and to rejuvenate. But just like the old proverb says:

“A little resting, a little folding of the hands and poverty comes upon you like an armed robber.”

Winners know that in life the only way to coast is downhill. They know that the world around them is in a constant state of change and development and that the act of standing still will cause the world to blur right past them.

They know that contentment leads to stagnation, and that stagnation leads to deterioration of the mind, the body and the spirit. They know that if you’re not growing you’re dying, and that those who are consistently challenging themselves to grow and to achieve are the driving force behind the advancement of humanity.

And that’s why the world belongs to the discontented.

Now, there are probably at least a few readers who are thinking:

“How can a winner be discontented and still enjoy playing the game?”

Because they understand that there’s a difference between being unsatisfied and being unhappy. An unhappy person is only happy when they have some exterior stimulation to “make” them happy. They fail to realize that the true source of happiness is within them.

It’s the desire to learn and to grow and to achieve… to become a better person and to make each day better than the last. This is what perpetual winning is all about…and perpetual winning is the only way to be a winner. If you decide to become complacent and let your victories and your pride get the best of you, you’ll end up losing to someone who is still in the game to win.

Perpetual winning is a lifestyle which takes courage and enthusiasm and an undying commitment to become a better person and to become a source of inspiration to everyone around you. So as you’re setting your specific goal, creating an expectation to achieve it, learning from failure, duplicating success and playing the game to win, always remember that the game will never be over.

And that’s how being a perpetual winner will empower you to discover the true purpose of your life…

Perpetual Growth

Committing yourself to perpetual winning is the key to your personal and spiritual growth and to your happiness. In fact, this perpetual growth could very well be considered the meaning of our existence as human beings.

Think about it, every form of life in the universe is in a perpetual state of change and growth. Even the energies which are growing and forming into other things such as dirt being transformed into a tree, food being transformed into usable energy, and sunlight being transformed into food for plants are growing.

And you yourself are constantly growing. Even as you are reading this sentence, your body is busy replacing 30,000 old cells with new ones. In fact, several years from now your body will be made up of completely new organic materials from what it’s made up of now.

Growth is not an option.

It’s always taking place, whether you want it to or not.

The only thing that you can control is what you decide to grow into and this begins with what you decide to set your expectations on and to commit your actions towards.

Are you going to commit yourself to the process that will naturally cause you to grow into a winner, or will you leave your personal growth to the mercy of the influences which surround you every day: the media, other people’s opinions, popular television shows and so on?

It’s really only one or the other. Even if you’re ignorant of your own growth or choose not to acknowledge it, you’re still going to go through it. You choose whether or not you’re going to take responsibility for your own growth and live to win.

If you don’t take proactive control of your own commitment to perpetual growth, someone or something else will. The society we live in is one of the most aggressively solicited societies in history.

Your mind is being constantly infiltrated by messages which were created to persuade and to influence you towards actions that would distract you from committing yourself to achieving your personal goals – growing into the person you were born to be and living your purpose.

Thankfully, as a human being you have the incredible power of choice which allows you to focus your mind on the object of your desire and to recondition yourself towards the pursuit of that desire. Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich,” called this power the great secret to success.

This is a secret which you’ve learned from the simple process in this book, and once you begin applying it and committing yourself to perpetual winning, you’ll begin to grow into a person whose success comes just as naturally as the grass grows in the springtime.

And that’s how you start to form the character of a true winner.

The Character of a Winner

Winners win because of who they are, not because of the strategies which they apply.  When someone masters the process of expecting to win, planning to win, and playing to win, it begins to do something more than change the results and circumstances of their lives…it begins to change them.

They go from being someone who is applying the formula for being a winner and they begin to develop the internal character of a winner. When this happens, they can create success in spite of the circumstances and opinions that surround them, in spite of how scarce resources are, and in spite of who believes in them and who doesn’t.

For example, someone who has developed the character of a winning sales person can take a list of 100 leads and make more sales out of it than an ordinary sales person could make out of 500 leads. Someone who has developed the character of a winning guitarist can make a cheap old pawn shop guitar sound better than an ordinary guitar player can make a Les Paul professional sound.

This is probably one of the most puzzling and frustrating things about winners…that is until you understand the principle. This is what causes someone to look at a winner and think that they’re merely “lucky” or that there’s something magical or mysterious about their success. Their success has come about as the deliberate cultivation of their habits which have empowered them to develop the character of a winner.

How can you begin to develop this character in your life?

The following summary of the steps in this book will help you to put these principles into practice and over time they will cause you to develop the character of a winner:

Part 1: Expect to Win

Begin with the Attitude of a Winner. Set a specific goal and expect to win. Don’t worry about how you’re going to do it. That will come later. Just expect to win and leave it at that.

Commit yourself to having the standards of a winner. Make a decision that you’re going to maintain your standards no matter what happens.

Commit yourself to developing the mindset that you can believe in something that it is ‘impossible’, and any future accumulation of knowledge will be done to support that belief instead of discredit it.

Part 2: Plan to Win

Learn the power of focus by writing out a specific plan and getting started on it, whether you’re ready or not. Remember, there is no perfect plan and the only perfect time to start is right now.

Commit yourself to developing the belief that failure is feedback and an opportunity to restructure your plans.

When you learn what works, focus all of your energy and attention towards applying and refining that strategy. Remember that the process of learning from failure is the key to becoming and expert.

Part 3: Play to Win

Focus all of your passion and energy towards the present and let your love for the game surpass your love for winning.

Remember that one day, the slate will be wiped clean and that none of what you win or lose will be left, so you might as well not sweat it.

Let go of the outcome and remember that as long as you commit yourself 100% towards playing the game that the victory will take care of itself.

Part 4: Live to Win

Remember that the world belongs to the discontented, that perpetual winning is a lifetime commitment and enjoying the process of becoming a winner is the difference between being unsatisfied and being unhappy.

Remember that growth is not an option and that the only thing you can choose is who you decide to grow into.

Finally, remember that winners win because of who they are and that if you develop the character of a winner, winning will be as natural and effortless as the rising of the sun.


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