Living in a Stressful World

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For the vast majority of us, life is far from easy. We may live in a marvellous world, filled with opportunities and wonder, magnificent natural beauty, human kindness and innovation.

Yet, the reality for most of us is little more than endless, grinding monotony; stress; and a plethora of worries and concerns.


Modern living has created millions of casualties, a sense of being trapped within ourselves and our situations, and we have somehow lost the will to look around us and recognize our potential and our own abilities for good health, relaxation, focus and empowerment.


Most of us have to worry about one thing or another as soon as we wake from sleeping. For a huge proportion of the population, particularly in the developed Western world, our lives are driven by the endless search for material gain and possessions. Often, this is achieved only by working in jobs we have little or no love for, in order to end each day, each week or month of our lives looking forward to a wage packet, which is rarely enough to satisfy our cravings for more.


We are riddled with frustrations ¾ frustrations regarding unfulfilled potential, frustrations regarding our own feelings of inadequacy and self-worth, frustrations regarding our relationships, our jobs and the way each day passes.


What does this amount to? Little more, it seems, than a depressed populous, vast swathes of people unhappy with their lives and discovering that even with more money and more work, the emptiness that haunts them does not pass or disappear.


Such feelings of frustration and sadness occasionally take a more dramatic and troubling turn, and clinical depression and other mental complications are becoming increasingly commonplace.


What is becoming clearer and clearer with advances in understanding the connections between the brain and the body is the undeniable fact that stress, depression and poor mental health are inextricably linked to poor physical health. In essence, our stressful lives are making us sick, and to find a cure, we must first examine our mental and spiritual states of being.



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