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Have you ever met a person who cannot sing? Think carefully before you answer because the truth is that every man and woman can sing. The problem is that every man and woman may not be able to sing well.  There are good singers, bad singers and untrained singers. The good singers represent those who have a natural talent that has been honed and perfected through practice and probably lessons.

Bad singers are people who sing off-key, cannot carry a tune or torture melodies and words. The interesting fact is that even bad singers can become good singers in many cases with the right training.

That’s why a third category named “untrained singers” is mentioned. Untrained singers include people who are:

  • Familiar with singing concepts but need to upgrade their skills
  • Have no singing training at all but enjoy singing
  • Interested in singing – have never tried singing – but are ready to learn how to sing for the fun of it


You could say the untrained singers’ category includes everyone! People decide to sing for many different reasons but they can be divided into two broad categories:

1) Personal Reasons

Do you enjoy singing in the shower? When you go to a birthday party, do you always end up singing a song to entertain the guests? Are you in the church choir or a local singing group to sing just for the enjoyment of it? Other personal reasons for singing include:

  • Taking part in a local theater production
  • Singing in a band made up of friends who enjoy jamming
  • Accompanying your guitar playing
  • Singing in the school glee club
  • Singing in the shower (had to add this one!)


People have personal reasons for singing, and they often include singing to themselves or singing for the benefit of family and friends. But that doesn’t mean singing is taken lightly. Even when you sing as a hobby or just for fun, you still don’t want to make people cringe when you try to hit certain difficult notes or can’t keep up with the music.

The information in this ebook talks about improving your singing in 90 days so others can enjoy your hidden talents. Imagine how surprised your grandmother will be when you break into song at her 90th birthday party and she doesn’t have to turn off her hearing aid!

2) Professional Reasons

The information in this ebook is also for anyone who wants to sing professionally. Professional singers entertain others and get paid to do so. But professionals are not just stage singers. This category includes:

  • Singing in a local band for local establishments
  • Hired solo singers
  • Rock, country and pop singers seeking fame and fortune as recording artists
  • Singing stars headed for the Broadway stage
  • Opera singers
  • Local event entertainers at fairs, special events, rodeos, sports events, etc.
  • Jazz vocalists


Professional singers are not just those who hope to break into show business and eventually make millions recording CDs. They also include entertainers who work locally and really have no plans to go to New York, Nashville or Los Angeles to look for the “big break.”

Teach Yourself Lessons Work

It would be nice if everyone could afford to take professional singing lessons taught by experts. In-person one-on-one lessons are quite expensive unfortunately, so they are simply not an option in many cases. But thanks to technology, you can still get the same high quality training and instruction through self-help computer software.

Why should you consider teach yourself lessons? There are lots of reasons!

  • Learn the correct basic methods upon which you can build your expertise
  • Correct bad habits that have developed due to lack of training
  • Develop your singing potential by learning professional techniques such as proper breathing, articulation, and voice specifics like pitch and range
  • Gain access to professional lessons not available locally
  • Protect your vocal cords from strain
  • Learn to use the whole body to improve your singing
  • Try out a variety of song types and expand your horizons
  • Develop a personal singing style
  • Enjoy the convenience of working on your lessons on your time schedule and not someone else’s


At home self help singing lessons give you an opportunity to learn from those professionals you cannot afford to hire. As you will learn in a later chapter, the singing software sold today offers a number of lessons covering a broad range of topics. It’s just like taking expensive lessons from the experts but at a fraction of the cost.


At this point, we have considered why people sing and why they should take self-help lessons. Now it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of improving your singing in less than 90 days. In the following chapter, you will read about vocal cords, and the physical and emotional aspects of singing.


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