Love – The 7 Secrets To A Happy Healthy And Fulfilling Relationship

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Love is perhaps the hardest emotion to define, but it is absolutely essential to healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationships. To achieve a truly enriching relationship, you and your partner must share genuine love for one other and work to keep its flames burning.

Love can be rather fickle, waxing and waning like the cycles of the moon. Still, when it is built on a foundation of honesty, respect and trust, it is incredibly resilient even during the most fragile moments.

If you and your partner love each other but are facing rocky times, you can use the power of love to rebuild your union. Try these suggestions for fostering love as a positive force in your relationship:

  • Say it: Make sure your partner never questions your love by taking the time to say it: in person, over the phone, and even in e-mails, letters, and notes.
  • Show it: This can be even more important than saying it. Express your love to your partner by showing caring, respect, and honesty in your actions. Do little things—

and even make a grand gesture now and again—to demonstrate your love and commitment.

  • Respect it: Love is powerful, but it can be damaged or destroyed by certain actions (or inactions). Respect the love you share with your partner by working hard to preserve and protect it.

Love between two people is a powerful force that generally can only be broken by one of the individuals involved in a relationship. When it is cared for and nurtured, it can make both parties stronger, happier, and healthier.

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