MAJOR WARNING SIGNS To Watch Out For In WOMEN.. (protect yourself) by Jason Capital

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What are the TWO major signs I look out for in all girls? Why do I look out for them?Why might you want to also?The two attitudes I qualify HARD out of my life, in all people, are:

1. A Scarcity Attitude

2. An Entitlement Mentality

What is a scarcity attitude?

This is someone who sees life as only having so much, like there’s just one pie we’re all eating from.

They think life is a zero-sum game – that if someone gets something, that means there’s less for everybody else.

(When in truth, if someone gets something, it means there’s MORE for everybody.)

Why should you disqualify women with Scarcity beliefs?

The people you spend the most time around will influence you..

You won’t always recognize it, but their beliefs are coming thru everything they say and do, all the time..

Yours are too.

If they’re scarce-minded, those beliefs will slowly seep into your brain, like a bad virus.

I CUT these people out of my life immediately.

What are the major signs of scarcity attitude?

People with a scarcity mentality:

* have a hard time being happy for the success of others

* will often get jealous of others

* think their situation is permanent (Team Capital laughs HARD at this one)

* often have trouble sharing or being generous

* don’t understand personal evolution or that investing in YOURSELF is by far the best investment one can ever make..

Bottom line: If I meet a girl who has a scarcity mentality (about 80% of population), I’m going to disqualify her hard away from me.

Now of course, me being Jason Capital, this serves multiple purposes:

1. It keeps the garbage out of the kitchen, so to speak.

2. Disqualifying her, of course, sparks tension and ATTRACTION.

This means it’ll successfully push some of the girls out, but for others, it means they’re going to want to fvck me even more.

And since I’m just such a good human being, sometimes I’m willing to fvck the shit out of these girls, hoping that the wrath of my cock will fvck them back into ABUNDANCE.

Regardless, I stay awesome, my sword stays sharp and the act of banishing scarcity even further away cements me even deeper in PURE abundance…



What is the Entitlement Mentality?

An Entitlement Mentality is when someone believes they are “owed” certain benefits, without having to earn them.

Why should you disqualify women with an Entitlement Mentality?

Women with an entitlement attitude (known affectionately as “Female Parasites”) will expect things to be done for them, often BY YOU, without them doing anything in particular besides showing up.

They’re similar to a parasite, who will happily feed off their host, snatching all the valuable resources until there’s none left.

At that point, the parasite will leave the host and simply find another host to feed off.

You want someone like that in your life?

What are the major signs of Entitlement Mentality?

Women with an entitlement attitude:

* Will expect things to be done for them without them earning it, or even ASKING..

* Will be ungrateful or quickly lose their gratefulness

* Have little to no concept of how the world actually works

* Have little to no concept, or respect for WORK ETHIC

* Don’t understand the law of “You Don’t Get What You Want, You Get What You Deserve”..

Mark Twain said this of people with an entitlement attitude (he would have meant men and women were he alive today, since the marketplace wasn’t open to both sexes back then):

“Any man who is satisfied to be fed by another man rather than by the honest sweat of his own brow should be shot.”

Picture the attitude of a Paris Hilton vs that of a Kobe Bryant.

The opposite of an entitlement attitude is the FULL RESPONSIBILITY ATTITUDE, where you take full responsibility and initiative for everything in your life.

This badass way of seeing life grants you complete control and power over your life, but most people avoid it because accepting it would have to mean that the current shitty life they lead was also their responsibility…

You don’t want to try and “fix” someone with an entitlement complex, simply because only they can fix themselves and most are so far gone, they never will.

They should instead be simply treated with laugher, ridicule and no-thought.

If you have to be around them for more than 3 seconds, it can often be entertaining to simply stare at them, wide-eyed, for long periods of time, like they’re from another planet.

(Side Note: Acting overly-entitled around women can be a funny, charming thing to do every once in a while, because it’s playful and challenging. That’s about it for this attitude.)

So there you go.

The TWO Major Warning Signs To Look For In Women.

You earned this info today because you take huge action and you BET ON YOURSELF.

You choose yourself.

You invest in yourself.

You don’t have an entitlement attitude.

You know whatever you want in life must be EARNED.

And you love that.

Because the person you’re becoming as you work that hard and earn it, grows smarter and stronger every single day.

That’s the real reward.


But BEWARE my friend!

Although looking out for these warning signs can be beneficial, I’ve discovered that there are at least 3 other popular behaviors that most guys have been told are “attractive” but actually turn women off and kill sexual attraction dead on the spot!

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