Making the Leap From Girlfriend to Fiancé! – How To Get A Man To Love You

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You’ve made it! Give yourself a pat on the back for the meaningful, passionate relationship you’ve worked so hard for. Ready for the ring, but he seems like he’s waiting until the end of time? Here’s how to turn your happily right now into a happily ever after.

Make Conversations Future-Focused

When the time is right, as in, you’ve been together exclusively for a significant period of time and you’ve overcome some difficult times together with experience and skill, turn your conversations from the present to the future.

You’ll know when the time is right. He may talk about what an amazing mother you’ll be or what style ring is your favorite. Tell him about the incredible honeymoon your coworker just went on with her new husband and wait for his reaction.

When these conversations initiated by him arise, jump on it! Smile. Talk to him about what he envisions for your future and what matters most to him about marriage. Then the ball is in his court, and enjoy the ride!

Learn His Attitude about Marriage

This should be a no-brainer. How does he feel about marriage and marrying you? How much time does he want to pass before a proposal?

Now, ladies, don’t treat this like an interrogation. This should be a casual, breezy conversation in your relationship and not a question-after-question situation.

The key is to keep these questions light. Otherwise, he’s going to feel pressured, and no man likes to feel pressured into marriage.

Become Sensitive about His Fears

It’s ok if he has fears about marriage (many people do, especially if they were raised by divorced parents). What’s not ok is if he’s reluctant to marry you. This truth may be harsh to hear, but there is a difference.

Does he want to marry you when the time is right or remain a bachelor?

If he doesn’t want to marry anyone and can be happy forever being in a committed relationship, take some time to decide if you’re ok with that. And not just ok, but can handle not being married.

If you’re not, have the confidence and self-assurance to know that you belong with someone who is compatible with you in all ways, including beliefs on marriage.

If he wants to marry you but just needs more time before you become “Mr. and Mrs.,” give him that time. Honor his feelings, while honoring your own, and if it feels right along the way, then he’s worth the wait.

Now that you’re here, watch this really insightful short video, which teaches you how to be the kind of woman who gets a proposal:

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