Making the Most of Mobile Marketing

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If you want to take advantage of the newest way to reach your customers, mobile marketing is something you should look into. However, mobile marketing should not be treated the same as your other marketing efforts. Here are some smart tips targeted toward mobile marketing so that you can conquer it.

1. Be respectful of subscribers. This is the number one thing you should concern yourself with. Unlike email or traditional mail, some people are still charged per mobile message. Do not assume that, because you have unlimited minutes, everyone else does. Avoid the temptation to send multiple mobile messages a day. Respect the people who have given you permission to contact, and show that respect by sending a few messages that can help them or provide them something. To that end, make sure you send messages during business hours only. That will be appreciated by your subscribers, who probably do not want to get messages about your business in the middle of the night.

2. Remember the format you are dealing with. Understand that mobile messaging is particular in some ways. For example, avoid large file attachments that will eat up bytes of data and messages. Be short and concise. People are usually on the go, and a long, drawn out message will only annoy. Remember to keep everything in bite-sized pieces. You need to also ensure that your messages appear correctly on a number of platforms. This will make sure that everyone getting your messages sees them the way you wanted them to appear.

3. Staying relevant and interesting is another critical element. Since you have access to people’s phone numbers, you need to take that very seriously. At any time, they can decide that you are not providing value and opt-out of receiving your messages. To make sure they stay subscribed, you have to offer them something they can use. Whether it is a discount code or timely information that makes their life run more smoothly, you need to make sure that every time you send a message that it is relevant and interesting to the people who are going to receive it. Keep your content fresh and interesting.

4. Make it easy to stop getting your messages. Of course, you hope that people stay subscribed; but sometimes they will not, for a multitude of reasons. Forcing them to go through a long, drawn-out process to do that only increases the amount of negative attention you receive; you can be sure they will share that with others. If you make it easier to drop your messages, you will find that your sign-up rates increase. People feel more comfortable knowing that it will be easy to stop getting messages, should they choose to.

Conquering mobile media is really about knowing what you should do and what you should avoid. Apply the tips in this article to your mobile marketing efforts, and you will find that your subscribers respond well. Ultimately, you should see your sales rising as well.

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