Market Mobile Messages Like The Professionals

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If you are serious about marketing, then you have to be serious about mobile marketing. The popularity and usage of mobile devices is on the rise and here to stay. In order to maintain pace with this technology and medium through which you can reach customers in ways like no other, keep reading into the following paragraphs for helpful hints and awesome ideas.

When you run a mobile media campaign to promote your products and services, promote your actual campaign. Let mobile users know that there are advantages to being subscribers to your mobile marketing messages. Make sure that you have deals, sales, discounts, specials and coupons only for mobile users. Then, get the word out about it.

Make sure that your content grabs interest in record time. We all now live in the Information Age, but mobile users are bombarded with it right in their pockets and purses. Someone seeing your mobile marketing message should know what you offer and why it is valuable to them. Do not just offer great deals or prices. Let them know how their life is going to be better with your product or service.

In as much as you want to let individuals know how their life is going to be better with your product or service, you also need to do it really quick. You have maybe a fraction of a second to get their attention. In addition to short attention spans or windows of mental opportunity, mobile users typically have small screen sizes to deal with, as well as character limits to text messages and caps on their data packages before they pay a monthly overage. Make certain that your messages are short and accurate.

Stay away from caps lock as a general rule of thumb. It is considered the equivalent of yelling in the text world and online. The one exception would be your call to action. If your message concludes with an ACT NOW, that just makes your closing point.

Let your subscribers and customers have the chance of giving you feedback. Ask as many questions as you can when they do. Ask them what messages they disregarded or especially what features and deals they liked and would like to see more of.

Try and get some idea of what days and what hours of those days that your customers will have time to actually read your messages when they receive them. If you send them while they work, they will just flip through your message when they check all their messages, negating your chance to get a moment of their time. Try and time your send outs to time periods when receptivity is highest. Adjust this for multiple time zones depending on your subscriber base.

Stay up to date with technology. You probably want to stay low tech in your messages for as long as you can to reach the widest number of people, but significant shifts in mobile technology happen routinely. Know when it is time to adapt so you do not look old school to who you are selling to.

With the booming numbers of mobile media devices that are out there in people’s hands, you can not ignore the power of this marketing medium. Apply the ideas presented in this article to harness this field for your own potential.

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