Modern Remedies for bow legs

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Due to the nature of bow legs, the longer one leaves them unattended, the harder it can become to improve the condition. Of course, surgery is a very quick and direct approach to correcting this issue, but it is not always one’s preferred choice of treatment. Nevertheless, treatment is certainly needed if the condition is to be prevented from escalating into deterioration of joints and eventually even leading to arthritis in many cases.

However, the actual treatment of bow legs involves first having an understanding about what causes a person’s legs to get that way. Then, accordingly, a treatment regimen can be formulated to gradually correct the bowed legs.

The causes of bow legs in adults could range from dietary deficiency to heavy metal poisoning or even damage to bones during the early years of one’s life. The rest of this article is now going to give you a brief idea of various methods of treating bow legs.

Reshaping the legs using medical braces

This method of treatment involves the use of medical casts or shoes that help gradually straighten the legs. Reshaping one’s bow legs in this manner is most effective only when a person is still within the developing years of life, specifically within the first 3 years.

Consult a Physiotherapist

One can also get a physiotherapist involved who will perform leg movement exercises, some of which involve simply moving the legs up and down in cycling movements while the patient lies down on their back. The legs are alternately brought from the supine resting position to as close to the chest as possible and back down again. This is repeated around 10-15 times per session, and done around twice daily.

Time to lose those extra pounds

Carrying more weight than your body is designed for, as per your age and height, can prove to be a factor that only worsens your bow legs. Every extra bit of weight carried by your legs puts that much more pressure on your knees… which are already under a heavy strain due to your bow legs. The longer you carry around this extra weight, the faster your bow legs could worsen, and the quicker you are likely to see signs of arthritis and immobility.

Pilates in conjunction with Yoga and Stretching

Bow legs is a condition that affects one’s body posture, and a bad posture in turn worsens bow legs. It’s a vicious spiral. Using Yoga and Pilates alongside adequate stretching can help in strengthening those very important core muscles and improving your balance and posture. You can try something simple at home by laying flat on the floor and then slowly lifting your legs above the ground till they eventually point towards the ceiling. This will give the leg muscles supporting your knee that much-needed stretch. From this position, to target those core stomach and back muscles, simply try lifting your hip completely off of the ground while keeping your legs still pointing towards the roof all through this routine. Try doing this exercise 3-4 times at one go, and repeating the sequence 3 times a day, to begin with.

Supplement time

It is also vital to ensure that you are getting adequate amounts of vitamin D that can be obtained through supplements and even from the sun. This will certainly help improve the quality of your bones, an important factor for bow legs.

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