Negative Thoughts, Positive Thoughts

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You may not be conscious of it, but negative thoughts (which we all experience daily) have the power to bring about catastrophically negative events, people and circumstances into our life.

But there’s good news ¾ when you attract a different method of thought, positive thought, you can transform those negative people, events and circumstances into something positive and helpful, which will bring about more abundance than you could imagine!

Have you ever felt the following?

Emotionally drained after a hard day without being able to “snap out of it”?

Not making as much money as you feel you deserve?

In a dead end job, marriage or relationship pattern?

Chronic illness, depression or fatigue?

Believe it or not, every physical, emotional or mental state of unhappiness you experience is your doing. It’s not someone else’s fault that you can’t lose weight or that you’re in a loveless marriage.

The truth is you attract everything you have to you ¾ all by the thoughts you think.

The law of attraction works like this: Everything in the Universe works off a certain vibration. You, the chair you’re sitting on, the trees, a computer, the clouds in the sky and your refrigerator all work on a vibration.

Ever looked at somebody you know, say a coworker who seems to have impeccably good luck at getting everything he or she wants in life? Perhaps your coworker just scored that promotion at work, has a loving relationship and a beautiful family ¾ all the things you want but don’t have?

It’s not luck that your coworker has those things in life. It’s his or her thought process. He or she projects loving thoughts of gratitude, and he or she gets it back.

In other words, anyone who seems to have “all the luck” is really just working from a higher vibrational state ¾ a state you can exist at too, by thinking good thoughts in order to receive good things back.

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