Not Opening Up In A Relationship – The 15 Biggest Mistakes Made Trying To Rescue A Relationship

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When asked in a survey about relationships, respondents said that the number one thing they would change about their partner is to have them open up more.  Some people are so guarded and private that they have a difficult time sharing themselves and their personal thoughts with anyone else, even an intimate partner.


In the beginning and during the initial phase of any relationship there is usually a sharing of personal details and innermost thoughts with each other.  Some people are unable to open up and share themselves.  They may be products of a childhood situation where silence was the best policy.  Or they could have been traumatized by an unfortunate prior relationship in which personal secrets were used to hurt or embarrass them.


Patience and understanding will often bring down that barrier and allow full intimate sharing.  It is important to let your mate know how important they are to you and how much you want them to open up to you as you have to them.


Let them know that the greatest intimacy in a relationship isn’t the sex, it is the sharing of your innermost person with each other.


Don’t press them too hard to open up.  When they begin to do so, be circumspect and don’t comment, just let them flow.  When they finally do open up all the way, your relationship will rise to the next level.

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