Not sharing pleasurable activities – The 15 Biggest Mistakes Made Trying To Rescue A Relationship

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The second most common complaint about relationships is a lack of shared interests and activities.  Sometimes we get so involved in our careers and forms of personal gratification, like playing sports or being sports event spectators, that we forget to involve our partners.


Men, don’t spend all of your free time with your buddies – fishing, playing golf or going to the ballpark.  Ladies, don’t spend all of your free time with your girlfriends – shopping, schmoozing or hanging out without your mates.


The quality of a relationship is measured by how well it meets the needs of all of those involved in it.  An occasional meal together and a little sex do not make a relationship.


Being together and enjoying activities is part of a healthy partnership.  It is about shared activities, shared friends and families, and having fun together.  Develop some hobbies together, play sports, go boating, or go camping or hiking.


Ladies, go to the ballpark with your men, and even if you know all about the game, let them play the “expert” and tell you all about the intricacies of the sport.  It’s a guy thing that they think they are the only gender with sports interests.


Men, learn to like shopping (well, that might never happen, so you can probably leave that to her girlfriends).  But at least learn to like some of the things she does.  A relationship should have some common interests.  There are many activities that you can enjoy together, such as music events — the symphony, the ballet, the opera, or a rock concert.


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