Placing the Ball Correctly in Your Stance

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Every great golf shot has its foundations in the way you position the ball; yet, the importance of ball position is often overlooked. Other aspects of the game, such as shot placement, can overshadow this key factor. The ball’s flight is linked to the way it is positioned on the course, and you also have to make sure that the ball position is in accordance with your stance. The correct ball position can make all the difference to the outcome of your game, and there are steps to take to become conscious of this before you strike the ball. Here are a few tips to improve your ball positioning.

The Details

 Consistency: Golf is all about being consistent. Make sure that you have a consistent posture so your body’s relationship to the ball remains the same from one strike to the next.

 Position: Experts believe the best position of your ball is right under your eyes. Your eyes should never be beyond the ball.

 Toe Line: The perfect ball position is just 8 to 9 inches from your toe line. Make sure that you can aim clearly.

 Trajectory: Any change you make to the position of the ball will directly affect its trajectory so be careful before you move it.

 Close to the Body: Do not keep the ball too far away from your body. You shouldn’t have to lunge forward to play the shot.

 In the Middle: Experts believe that the ball should be always placed in the middle of the stance.

 Putter: The putter face should be in contact with the ball at the exact bottom of the arc.

 Triangle: You should maintain a triangle formation no matter which club you use. Place your shoulders, arms and hands directly in front of your body each time.

 Logo: You should keep the ball even with the logo on your chest. When playing a longer shot, you may move your dominant foot to widen the stance, but keep the same ball position.

• Center Line: It is recommended that you move your ball no longer than two inches off the center line. This way you can keep an eye on the ball. Never position the ball at the back of your center line.

 Rolling Ball: If your ball position is too far forward, the bottom edge of the putter face will catch the top quadrant of the ball, which will lead to an inconsistent roll.

 Practice: Start practicing ball positioning using different types of clubs. Since they are all different lengths, you will need to adjust the ball slightly for each.

The Bottom Line

Golf experts believe that in order to fully enjoy the game and maximize the experience, each golfer should have a solid understanding of the basics of the game. Ball positioning may not sound so important, but it is the starting point from which your shot will either succeed or fail. Everyone from weekend golfers to pros must have the proper stance and ball position for all the other golf techniques to work as intended. You can only learn by practicing, and if you begin today, you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your game.

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