Planning For Your California Wedding

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Arranging plans for your wedding will involve many things from hiring a photographer to selecting a good caterer and allot more in between. Whether you are having your wedding in sunny San Diego or breezy San Francisco, the average cost of a California wedding has just recently surpassed $40,000 with many couples electing to spend far more than that figure as guest lists expand and venues are upgraded. Regardless of your budget, you can control costs and enjoy your day without being saddled with tremendous debt. Let’s take a look at all that you can do to plan for your upcoming California wedding.

A Budget and a List

Planning for a California wedding will likely include the input of your parents as well as your significant other. Traditionally, the bride’s family paid for the entire event, but today’s couples sometimes prefer to foot the bill themselves or ask both sets of parents for financial contributions. Regardless, a ballpark amount of money should be budgeted before you begin the wedding planning process. Much of those plans will be centered around the total number of guests expected to attend the reception, so go ahead and begin working on the list as you scout out various venues.

The Ceremony and the Reception

Although you may have a date in mind, those plans will be quickly altered if either your church is unavailable that day or a favored reception hall is already booked. If your marriage plans include a wedding during the most popular months of June through September, you may encounter more difficulty on getting the date that you want. Conversely, if you marry during the four months of the year, you will have the best chance of seeing your plans come to fruition. Consider a Friday evening wedding if your Saturday plans cannot be worked out.

The Internet: An Indispensable Tool

21st Century couples are using the internet like never before to help plan their big day. You can do the same for your California wedding to help you search for vendors, compare prices, and purchase goods. Indeed, savvy couples can accomplish the majority of their work online 24/7/365 to save time and money.

Virtually every business has a web site these days and from the ease of your laptop you can accomplish the following tasks:

• Tour reception halls via links to video clips and photographs.

• Find a wedding disc jockey to listen to interviews and music clips.

• Locate florists to preview flower designs and arrangements.

• Preview sites featuring the works of photographers.

• Shop for wedding rings, bridesmaid gifts, party favors, etc.

Spreadsheets and Wedding Plan Software

To keep track of and manage all of the costs, you can also use a handy spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel to get the job done. Beyond Excel, some couples have discovered that by using dedicated wedding plan software you can control all of your pertinent information and create a web site for guest preview. Some couples are now extending invitations and receiving replies completely electronically through these types of sites. Use whatever plans works best for you as you do have options!

Here Comes the Bride!

Once your wedding plans are in place you can fully enjoy the day without worrying about the details. Short of hiring a wedding planner, a trusted family member or friend can help you keep you on track and relieve you of much of the minutiae related to planning your California wedding.

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