Protecting Your Hard Work with Download Guard

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There are some risks involved with running an online business. Every entrepreneur faces the risk of having their digital products stolen and because a single link can go viral, you stand to lose a significant amount of profit.

What’s worse is if you’re not set up on Google alerts, it might be awhile before you even know you’re losing profits. And even then, that’s not always 100% protection for you. The time to set up a barrier between your products and a thief is before you need it, not after.

In order to protect your digital products and still allow access to paying customers, you want to invest in DownloadGuard. DownloadGuard works by sending a unique product link to customers who purchased your digital product.

You can set the link to expire after a certain amount of time or a certain number of downloads, so while a dishonest customer can still share the link, it won’t cause a major dent in your profits because it will eventually expire.

DownloadGuard also records who bought what and when. A searchable database allows you to view orders by email address, receipt number or customer name. So if a customer isn’t able to download a product in the specified amount of time, you can make sure they get access to your product.

DownloadGuard has other perks, too. Many online business owners know the road to building a successful business is an email list. DownloadGuard has an automatic list sign up feature. This means when a customer purchases a product from you, they can be automatically sent a confirmation to accept or deny inclusion in your email subscription list.

Since DownloadGuard is integrated with many different payment systems including PayPal, PatDotCom, eBay, ClickBank and more, so you can rest assured your customers will be able to order from your website.

DownloadGuard also works for membership sites, too. It can be configured for recurring membership payments, allowing you to focus on sharing content with your members instead of worrying about who paid and who hasn’t. And if they cancel a subscription, they get locked out of the members’ area.

What if you want to run a special holiday sale or reward loyal customers? DownloadGuard lets you do all that and more. Marketers know the value of a well-timed coupon or special sale. Using a coupon code is a simple way to entice visitors to spend more. Rewarding customers for shopping increases brand loyalty and encourages them to spend more than they normally would.

When you use DownloadGuard, you won’t have to worry about using a tired old template for your store. DownloadGuard allows you to fully customize your download page so that your website will stand out from the competition. DownloadGuard only has a few basic requirements to run on your website and customer support for DownloadGuard is always top notch.





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