Relighting The Fires Of Passion

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When passion dies, many relationships die right along with it. Even if you can’t envision you and your partner enjoying the kind of unbridled passion you may have enjoyed in your younger days, you can still bring this powerful force back into your relationship.

Passion involves not only sex, but also other forms of intimacy. Touching, holding hands, cuddling, and sharing intimate thoughts are all important as well.

To bring this incredible sense of togetherness and unity back into a faltering relationship, try these strategies:

  • Openly share desires: Encourage an open line of communication about sex, romance, personal desires, and even fantasies. Share your desires with your partner and encourage the same out of him or her.
  • Add spontaneity: In many cases, passion and spontaneity go hand-in-hand. Even small gestures can bring you closer together. Cuddle while watching a movie at the end of a long day. Hold hands on car rides. Share a kiss under the moonlight. Just try to do things a little out of the ordinary to strengthen your connection.
  • Strive for romance: Romantic gestures – big and small – can do incredible things for passion. Schedule date nights, send flowers, make a special meal, lie outside under the stars, rub your partner’s back, draw a warm bubble bath at the end of the day. Just take the time to do thoughtful things that show you still care and want to remain close and passionate.
  • Improve your outlook: Passion is a state of mind. To develop your own passion for life and love, work on that positive attitude we talked about earlier. Do things to boost your own self-esteem and work on making yourself a stronger, healthier, and happier person. As a result, you may appear more attractive to your partner, fueling the passion between the two of you.

Love and passion are important parts of healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationships. Even if they have diminished, they can sometimes be reignited and made even stronger than they originally were. When you and your partner work together to build on them, amazing things can happen.


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