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Before I embarked on the process of writing this Sky High Auctions review, I had never used Sky High Auctions. I had heard of it before, but I was never really sure just exactly what its value proposition was, what it had to offer.

So in writing this Sky High Auctions Review, I welcomed the opportunity to find out for myself. And what I found was an interesting and quite comprehensive combination of both basic and advanced eBay training, along with information and resources regarding several additional topics primarily related to internet marketing and ecommerce.

Naturally, content isn’t everything. One of the most difficult obstacles faced by both new and experienced eBay sellers is how to sift through the voluminous amount of eBay tips, suggestions, and training courses available in order to find the truly important and significant information.

In this respect, organization is extremely important, and therefore, also needs to be addressed in this Sky High Auctions review. It doesn’t do any good to have a wealth of helpful information at your disposal if it’s too difficult to navigate through it.

The main focus of the Members Home Page appears to be 2 columns in the middle of the page. The first column lists “Latest Sky High Auctions Updates” to the training courses. This information will be helpful primarily to those who have already completed all of the training courses on the site.

The second column is titled “Latest eBay News”. Although some of the news items displayed are slightly outdated, the information is still beneficial.

The core of the site, the most helpful and important information, is that which is accessible from the left navigation menu of the Members Home Page. Although some of it is classified and organized in a slightly strange way, don’t let that discount the tremendous value of the information.

Here’s an overview of what it contains:

• The lower section of the left navigation menu is entitled “Newsletters”, but it’s actually more like a list of tutorials and training documents. They cover a fairly wide range of skill levels, from fairly basic topics (What Should You Sell on eBay?) to more advanced topics (Top Five Importing Tips). It’s unclear as to whether they have been put in some sort of order or if they’re just listed at random, but the title of each item is a clear indicator of its subject matter, so it’s fairly easy to determine which ones might be of interest.

• The links entitled “Members Home” and “Account” don’t take you anywhere, but just reload the same page.

• The “Help Section” link takes you to a list of common FAQs.

• The affiliate option to “Promote Sky High Auctions (Earn $$$)” is a wonderful addition to the page, but it’s one that is best reserved for a later time when you’ve completed most of the other training courses.

• The bulk of the training, and the most important information for you to consider in this Sky High Auctions Review, is contained within the link labeled “Members Lessons”. This is the core of the Sky High Auctions value proposition, and is worth its weight in gold just by itself.

• In addition, there’s also some extremely valuable information located within the “Sky High Vault” and “Bonuses” sections.

In summary, my Sky High Auctions Review found that there is an extensive amount of incredibly valuable information to be found on the site. Anyone who is serious about their online business should sign up!

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