Special Yogic Exercises

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Bow legs are a common enough condition even in our modern world, where so many disorders and conditions are easily treated. For a long time, doctors would tell people suffering from bow legs that the condition wasn’t treatable except through surgery. But the truth is that modern advances in physiotherapy have made the condition treatable. To learn how to treat bow legs, we first need to take a small look into how the condition is caused.

How Bow Legs develop…

Whatever stage bow legs are in, one thing to remember is that treatment should begin as quickly as possible. A great many children are born with bow legs – this is only to be expected. After all, conditions are a bit cramped in the mother’s womb. However, in most people, the bow legs straighten out fairly quickly. But in some cases this doesn’t happen. This is usually caused by either malnutrition, some disease, or else by incorrect practices in childhood. One cause of bow legs in childhood is parents putting their children into walkers before the child is ready to walk. The soft bones of the legs bend outwards, since they aren’t ready to bear the child’s weight yet. And this results in bow legs. Some kinds of heavy metal poisoning can also cause bow legs, as can Blout’s disease.

Rickets are also another major cause of bow legs. This is usually caused by a deficiency of vitamin D. If detected early enough, this can be easily cured, and the legs return to normal. Usually, a more complex approach is necessary, one that requires not only physical exercise, but also some level of medication or supplementation.

Using yogic exercises to cure bow legs

Correcting bow legs does not only involve exercises for the legs, but also for the entire body. This is because bow legs cannot be corrected until the body’s posture is corrected. And that’s just where yoga comes in – yogic exercises and postures and perfectly suited to correcting the posture of the body, after which a course of physical training is usually sufficient to correct the bow legs. There are also yoga straps that can be used to wrap around the legs. As you tighten the straps, this affects the bow legs. One has to slowly increase the tightness of the straps over a period of about three months, to correct the bow legs.

Weights are also an excellent way to correct bow legs

You can buy light weights on straps, designed to be attached to the ankles. Strap a pair of these weights to your legs. Then sit with your back against a wall, and with your legs stretched out in front. Slowly raise one leg some inches off the floor. Hold it there. Then slowly lower it to the ground. After this do the same with the other leg. You’ll need to do at least ten repetitions of this, and you’ll need to do this exercise at least two times every day, for the best results.

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