Strength exercises to straighten Your Legs

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Many people do not realize that bow legs can often be straightened with the right exercises. Such people go through life tolerating this condition, not taking part in sports, and being excluded from many physical activities. If you, or someone close to you has bow legs, here are some simple exercises that will help the condition over time.

Do bear in mind that any distortion of the body is unlikely to be cured overnight. Any cure will take time and patience, but if you give the time and have the patience necessary, there’s no reason that this condition should not ultimately be cured.

An exercise for the Hamstrings

A weakness in the hamstrings contributes a lot to bow legs, so our first priority should be to strengthen the hamstrings. Do bear in mind that balancing might be difficult with this exercise, so you should place a chair near you that you can hold on to during the hardest parts of the exercise. Not that the exercise itself is hard – you might just have problems maintaining your balance mid-exercise, and that’s what that chair is there for.

Now, stand on one leg and raise the other leg off the ground. Raise the leg high, until the upper and lower leg are at ninety degrees to each other, with the leg bent at a right angle. Now stand in this way for about half a minutes, and then lower your leg so that both feet are on the ground. Now do the exercise again, this time raising the other leg. You’ll need to do this exercise at least twice a day, once after waking up in the morning, and again just before going to bed. For best effect, and if you can arrange a little privacy, the exercise should be done three to five times a day.

Leaning Sit-ups

This is quite a complex exercise, so I’m going to describe it carefully. Lean against a wall with your back flat against it. Now, still leaning on a wall, move your feet about two feet from the wall. With your weight against the wall, gently slide your body downwards along the wall, until your thighs are horizontal to the ground. Your pose should be roughly the same as you use when sitting in a chair. This was the easy part of the exercise.

Now, powering upwards with the thighs and calves, slide your body up the wall. This might be difficult to do at first – persevere, and it will become easier over time. You should end as you began, leaning with your back two the wall, and your feet about two feet from it. Please note that your feet do not move much during this exercise – they maintain their position. The exercise is not very hard to do, but as a weakness in the legs is an aspect of having bow legs, it will require a certain amount of practice.

This exercise must be done at least ten times, twice every day at the very minimum. You can do it at the same time that you do the previous exercise. If you can fit a set of this exercise into your schedule about three to five times a day, the benefits will be proportionately multiplied.

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