Stress training that straightens your legs

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Straightening bow legs is easy if one goes about it the right way. One has to not only strengthen the muscles of the legs, but also the hamstrings and other tendons. And one has to increase blood flow to the legs as well. While there are complex exercises that are used to straighten bow legs, the foundation for those exercises is laid using two basic exercises that we all know.

The special calf raise to straighten bow legs

The simplest of exercises that are used to straighten bow legs is the special calf raise. You will need no exceptional equipment – just a small, long block of wood. This needs to be about two feet long, five inches broad, and about two inches thick.

Place this block of wood on the ground. Now place just the front of both feet on the wood, with your heels resting on the floor. Using mainly the muscles of the calves, and to a lesser extent, of the feet, stand up on your toes on the block of wood. Hold this pose on top of the block for about ten seconds, and then slowly and gently lower your heels to the floor.

Do this about ten times. Repeat the exercise once in the morning, and against just before going to bed. If you can manage to repeat the exercise three to five times in the course of the day, this would be even more beneficial. You would need to maintain this regimen for at least three months to see any improvement in your bow legs.

Advancing the exercise

As you become more proficient in the exercise, it is important to increase the amount of time that you spend on tip-toe. At first, you will start with just ten seconds, but as you become better at the exercise, you should increase that time from ten to fifteen seconds, and ultimately, to thirty. Extending the leg under tension in this manner tends to contribute a lot to the straightening of the leg.

You might feel some discomfort in the leg when you first start doing this exercise. This is perfectly natural, and does not signify injury. Rather, it is the sensation of the bones and joints in your leg adapting to the new exercise – it is the feeling, in short, of your legs straightening themselves out.

Of course, it goes without saying that this exercise alone will not straighten your bow legs.

A whole course of exercises is necessary.

This exercise has been described in this article to show you that it is possible to straighten bow legs without surgery… that science and medical knowledge have advanced to a point where we know enough to make this possible. One single article cannot describe a whole course of complex exercises – that would take a book. But one sees that there is hope, that curing bow legs without surgery is possible, and that knowledge itself is the first step towards a total and complete cure.

Beyond that, all that is needed is dedication and patience.

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