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Beat Eczema By Avoiding the Main Causes

        Eczema causes the uncontrollable urge to itch.  By the time you are done, you may be left with a painful open sore.  One of the ways to stop outbreaks is to determine the cause of yours.  Get started by familiarizing yourself with the most common causes.  Is your listed?  If so, you may soon be on ...
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Eczema: Common Trigger Factors to Avoid

      Eczema flare-ups are caused by several factors.  Until sufferers are able to determine and avoid their trigger factors, itching and painful rashes will always be an issue.  Luckily, medical professionals have developed a list of common trigger factors.  These factors, a few of which are outlined below, may be the cause of your uncontrollable scratching.   Eczema ...
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Eczema Causes:  Frequently Asked Questions

      Those who suspect they have eczema often have many questions.  Some of those questions are about the cause.  Please continue reading on for a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.   Question:  Did I do something wrong? Answer:  Eczema creates the uncontrollable urge to itch and scratch.  The skin is irritated.  Unfortunately, this can result ...
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