Techniques to correct Bow Legs in a child

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Bow legs are quite a serious condition in which the bones of the legs themselves are bent, and as such are difficult to cure. Most doctors will tell you that bow legs cannot be corrected without surgery, but this is not quite true. Bow legs can be corrected, especially in children. Here’s how you go about correcting bow legs in a child.

Exercise, diet and vitamin supplementation

If your child is less than three years of age, it is possible for the problem to correct itself. You will need to observe the child carefully. Provide a diet rich in protein and well balanced with vegetables. Above all, make sure the child gets enough sunlight, as bow legs are often caused by a deficiency of vitamin D. Make sure that the child engages in a lot of physical activities that involve the legs. Running, climbing and skipping are all wonderful activities. Take the child for long walks, go to a park and throw a ball to each other. The key is exercise, nutrition, sunlight, and sufficient vitamin supplements.

Will this correct the child’s bow legs?

If the bow legs have occurred at this early age, certainly. Bow legs are not natural, and tend to correct themselves in a young child, if the right exercise and nutrition are supplied. You also need to consult your doctor to ensure that the bow legs are not the result of a disease, and if so, to ensure that the disease is treated when the child is still young, and the bow legs have a chance to correct themselves. You’ll need to give time to engage the child in physical activities, preferable out in the sunlight (vitamin D deficiency contributes to bow legs, remember?). But if you do these things, the child’s bow legs should show marked improvement, and ultimately will correct themselves.

Medical braces

These are supports strapped to the legs that slowly straighten the legs over time. These are not necessary in most cases of bow legs in children, where the natural methods I have described earlier usually suffice. But in serious cases, such as when the bow legs have been caused by a disease such as rickets, and the child is already around eight or ten years of age, the completely natural methods above, while they can still be applied, may need to be supplemented by the use of medical braces.

Do not hesitate

There’s a certain period of time before a person attains maturity, when the bones are still flexible. It is best if bow legs are corrected within this period. Once a person becomes an adult, while bow legs can still be corrected, it requires more time and patience than correcting them in a child. So if a child of eight or ten years of age has bow legs, and a doctor recommends braces for the legs, go in for them at once, as this gives your child the best chance of leading a normal and healthy life. And continue to apply the natural methods I described, as they are always beneficial to bow legs in a child.

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