The #1 Phone Opener.. (say this) by Jason Capital

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As promised, the #1 line to drop when you see an attractive female on her phone..(BTW, this’ll work anywhere but it’s much better for social places, like a bar or party.)

A few years ago, I found myself with a friend, at an almost deserted bar.

There were maybe 20-25 people there total, and just two of them would qualify as “Team Capital attractive”..

One of them was with a few guys, so if I had wanted to open there, I would have most definitely talked to the guys first.

But I didn’t feel like doing that.

The other hot girl was standing alone, near the bathroom, on her phone.

Time to Ride..

I like to have fun with opening sometimes, so I asked my buddy what’s something witty
he would say in that situation.

His reply?

“Do you always go out in public to be anti-social?”


I kid you not.

My buddy wasn’t the “sick game” type so I can’t really rail on him too hard for that, but a response like that is typical of a newer guy to game.


Well look at it..

A line like, “Do you always go out in public to be anti-social?” seems teasing to him, but to her….it’s just kind of being a dick.

It’s challenging, but lacks the playfulness to really spark that attraction.

So I went in my favorite line to use in that situation..

“So…did he call yet?” <– the line.

Money. Line.

When I said it, I also didn’t bee-line straight towards her.

I slid up next to her, posted against the wall, paused for a second, then calmly said it, with a knowing little smirk on my face.

She looked up, held eye contact for a second, looked away, giggled and played right into it.

I think her response was, “Of course…but I’m not really serious about him.”

(How did I respond..?)

Why’s this line so money?


Fun, because it instantly teases her, as if she’s desperately waiting for some guy to call her back.

And challenging, because it puts you in the Higher Status position instantly.


This is probably the best kind of humor for female attraction.

It’s not about data, the score of the game or something boring.

It instantly sparks up the social tensions of waiting for a call back, which is something all sexually-active humans have experienced.

3. It leads right into an attractive, HVST-style conversation.

Think about the possibilities where this one could lead you with her..

All ff the opener.

Such a Money Line.

But that’s not really surprising, is it?

We’re Team Capital.

Everything we do is money, and proof of our superiority šŸ™‚

But BEWARE my friend!

Although using this money line will skyrocket your attraction, I’ve discovered that there are at least 3 other popular behaviors that most guys have been told are “attractive” but actually turn women off and kill sexual attraction dead on the spot!

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