The Facts about Fasting – 45 Fantastic Ways To Burn Calories

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People fast for various reasons. While fasting has been a persistent approach to weight loss for countless years, the fact is that any rapid weight loss that comes from fasting is only temporary.

A lot of the initial weight loss comes from a reduction in food intake. We get quite a bit of our fluids from food, so when we don’t eat, we lose water weight. Losing water is not the same as losing fat, and the water weight you lose during a fast will come back when you start eating again.

As it turns out, fasting isn’t even necessary. Some people claim that it helps to give the body a break every now and then, but as long as the body is in good health, it is amazingly efficient.

If you decide to go on a fast, try doing a raw or whole food fast. This involves giving up fast food, processed foods, and even cooked foods for several days at a time. You will get plenty of nutrition without the chemical additives that so many of us have sensitivities to. Drink plenty of clean, pure water during your fast, and you will feel better in no time!

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