The Five-Minute Money Magnet Trick

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There’s no “abundance cap” the universe puts on you. You won’t be “cut off” by asking for too much or rejected by the law. The only limitation you experience when it comes to money is the one you put on yourself.

What are your attitudes about money? If you don’t have enough money in your life, you’re thinking negatively about what money means. Did you learn as a child that making too much money correlated to being greedy or that you’ll need to struggle for years and years before making the income you’d like?

Everything in life is yours for the taking, as long as you allow it to come instead of fearing it. The only question is, what’s stopping you from making more money than you currently are? Attract wealth before your very eyes by applying these tips to your life:

Practice daily gratitude for all that you have! There is no easier, better and faster way to attract more money into your life than by being grateful for what you currently have.

If you struggle financially, spend a few moments daily giving thanks for what you do have. You have a roof over your head, a steady paycheck, a car that runs… Focus on those things with feelings of love and appreciation, and trust us ¾ more money will begin to appear in your life.

Write yourself a blank check. This tool can be applied to your vision board or taped up on your bedroom mirror. It’s a tool for achieving wealth, especially when worries of money are heavy on your mind.

Write yourself a check. It could be a small amount or it could be a very large amount. The trick is to write in an amount that will most easily allow your mind to believe it. Magic happens when you believe it will, so if you’re new to this, start with a smaller number. When that amount appears into your life, then create another check with a larger number and so on.

Focus on this check every day and several times a day if you can. Picture in your mind what this check will provide for you and map out all the details ¾ a new sports car, the ability to dine out at five-star restaurants, a new home, lavish vacations or paying off your credit card debt.

Focus on the sensations of joy, relief and tears of happiness that this check provides you. Here’s the trick ¾ as you practice this check exercise, visualize it not happening in the future but right here in the present moment.

When you picture yourself having these things that you want today and a check with a specific amount in front of you, today, the universe is receiving a clear message from you that right now, your reality is wealth, and it will be provided for you.

Send out your love, wherever you go. The bank doesn’t move money; your love does. No matter what predetermined attitudes you have about money, feelings of love will attract money to you.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve had in the past. As long as you think about abundance in terms of your present life as it is, you’ll receive it effortlessly.

Chasing down money will no longer be a struggle and won’t be something you will have to do any longer. Instead, you’ll find opportunities to make money, have money delivered, donated or handed to you and come as easily as the mail is delivered daily to your home.

If you’re not making money, focus on your thoughts. Are you complaining about how little you have or focusing on an attitude as you go through your day of resentment for others who have more than you do?

That’s the root of any money problems you have because just as everything in the universe is made up of energy, your thoughts are too. As the golden rule of attraction goes, fix your thoughts by sending out love and gratitude for what you have and you’ll receive it back.




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