The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

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As mentioned above, tea is a reliable source of antioxidants. When these antioxidants enter your system, they fight off harmful free radicals that cause health problems. As a result, your immunity is strengthened. There are dozens of studies that prove the link between tea and stronger immunity.


In addition, several types of tea are known to boost your body’s ability to fight cancer. People who are at risk of developing cancer can drink tea on a daily basis in order to keep the cancer from spreading and causing irreparable damage.


The foremost reason to opt for tea over any other food or beverage for weight loss is because it contributes to an overall healthier lifestyle. As we have mentioned repeatedly in this eBook, the results of your efforts are better when you make changes to your lifestyle.


If you eat healthy food, get sufficient sleep, work out regularly, and drink tea, you can detoxify your body, and in the process, lose weight. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt for tea.


There is a common misconception that tea is a diuretic. This myth is based on the fact that tea does contain some caffeine, like coffee and soda. However, the impact of tea is opposite to that of other beverages you consume. Tea actually perks up your hydration levels. So, the bottom-line is that tea does not cause dehydration, unlike other beverages that contain caffeine.


Do note that this is not the only reason why you should drink tea on a daily basis. Tea offers a wide range of health benefits. Of course, these benefits vary depending on the type of tea you opt for, but some are fairly common. These include:


 Hydration


 Protection for your skin against harmful UV rays from the sun


 Weight loss


 Lower cholesterol level


 Good for your teeth


 Lower risk of heart attack and stroke


 Great for digestion

 Helps reduce stress


As you can see, there are numerous health benefits of drinking tea. In fact, it’s surprising that the beverage hasn’t managed to usurp coffee from the top of the list when it comes to popular hot beverages around the world.

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