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Bow legs are a condition in which there is a considerable gap between the knees when one stands with the feet together. This condition is often seen among children between the ages of 18 months to 3 years, but can also be observed in adults. There are several factors responsible for bow legs in adults. It can results from simply being malnourished, with a vitamin D deficiency, or be due to something as unusual as lead or fluoride poisoning or due to a disease called Blount’s disease. Breaking one’s bones and failing to ensure that they’re properly healed can also result in bow legs.

Can it be treated?

Yes, of course, there are several ways of treating this condition, besides the last resort of surgical intervention. One might want to try out a treatment regimen comprising of special exercises and movements, some stretching techniques, along with certain dietary supplementation.

Strengthening Exercises

Exercises such as squats and calf raises can prove very effective in strengthening the muscles supporting the affected joints of the knee, hip, shoulder and back vertebrae. These exercises emphasize balance and core strength, as well as help in maintaining correct posture and developing proper joint movement.

Stretch Routines

Yoga and Pilates include excellent ways stretch the human body. These routines also allow the core of the body to become stronger and better balanced, leading to a considerable improvement in one’s posture. And since posture and core strength are vital to improving bow legs, stretching exercises certainly have their role to play in this.


One must never underestimate the importance of a proper diet in keeping one’s body working and functioning optimally. Vitamin deficiencies need to be corrected right away, as they can accentuate bow legs, and cause the condition to become more serious. Calcium and Vitamin D must be supplemented as part of any cure for bow legs. Including omega fatty acids in your diet also goes a long way towards improving bow legs. These fatty acids can be easily found in seeds and fish meat, and are critically important to helping to build and maintain various tissues within the body. Omega fatty acids are a crucial element in any holistic or natural cure for bow legs.

Certainly worth trying!

Of course, the efficacy of any treatment for bow legs can vary from one individual to another, especially if one is seeking a natural and painless cure. However, if one is confident that they have the determination and willingness to actually work at these natural remedies consistently and patiently, then there is no reason to opt for surgery without trying these first. There can hardly be anything to lose, but certainly much to gain!

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