The Origins of Red Tea

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Preparing and drinking Red Tea might not sound like the most adventurous experience in life.


The same is not the case with how I discovered this wonderful concoction.


Let me introduce myself a little. My name is Liz Miller and I’m a weight loss expert. I have helped close to 15,000 people improve the quality of their life by helping them enhance their health and fitness, enabling them to be happier and healthier.


I work primarily as a Naturopath and I am a best-selling author on Amazon.


Coming to the point, there was a time in my life when I was ashamed of my body. After a pregnancy, I had put on a considerable amount of weight. Tried as I did, I was unable to shed the excess weight.


The stubborn fat just refused to leave my body and naturally, I felt incredibly frustrated and angry at myself. The situation was so bad that I felt that my body isn’t mine. Despite my best efforts, I simply couldn’t go back to being the real me.


The worst part of the situation was the feeling of helplessness. I felt that I couldn’t do anything about my body. Fortunately, at that time, I travelled to Africa and the trip changed my life. In fact, that trip enabled me to change the lives of many people over time.


On my trip to Africa, I came across the Red Tea, which is the basis of The Red Tea Detox. I realized that this delicious tea can be the foundation for quick and successful weight loss.


Speaking of results, I managed to shed 14 pounds in just 14 days after consuming the Red Tea. That’s right; losing a pound a day might seem too good to be true, but I have experienced it for myself, and I decided to share my story with you via this report.


I followed through on The Red Tea Detox to the point that I managed to shed 27 more pounds. At the same time, I felt my body being cleansed of all toxins. Just a cup of tea helped me shed over 40 pounds in quick time.


So, you might wonder how I came across the Red Tea. Well, it all started in college when an exchange student from South Africa told me about it. I found out that the Red Tea is available in the remote Africa wilderness, and a Kenyan tribe goes so far as to only consume this tea to kill their hunger.


The origins of Red Tea are from long ago, when an African Shaman discovered the ancient recipe for this tea. He realized that this Red Tea can boost energy levels, while at the same time eliminating hunger and thirst.


Initially, I thought this is just hearsay and that the Red Tea is a myth, which is why I decided to go ahead and find out about it myself. I am lucky I did, and so are you, because you don’t find this tea available in any store across the US.


I am a pioneer of sorts, blazing the trail for the Red Tea to reach the US. I risked my life to head to the remote African wilderness and that’s all she wrote. I found the Red Tea, brought it over to the US, and now you can benefit from it as well, losing weight quickly.

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