The PMDD Diet – Natural PMDD Super Foods

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If you have PMDD, or suffer from sever PMT/PMS which is close the full blown condition, then you are very familiar with the terrible heartbreaking symptoms that can be life destroying for some women. The mood swings, the crying, the depression, the violent outbursts. Also the physical symptoms of aching joint and muscles, lack of sleep or way too much sleep, the lethargy and many more. This really is something that can sideline you from the things in life you love and damage your relationships as well. So can a PMDD diet change all of this and get your life back on track?

The answer is yes… and no. There are many PMDD super foods that can really help speed along a rebalancing of your hormones and mood regulating brain chemicals, and many foods to stop eating that will help your body do the same. However diet is just one part of really taking control of your PMDD to eliminate it completely. That being said, diet is a major part of this so you should at least start to implement a PMDD diet to your lifestyle to begin this transformation!

Some elements of a diet for PMDD are:

  • Eat More Unsaturated Fats – Unsaturated fats are what dieticians like to call ‘good’ fats. These are fats that are not bad for you like saturated fats are, and instead can be very beneficial! Foods that contain unsaturated fats are foods like fish, nuts, spinach, and oils such as sunflower oil and olive oil.
  • Eat Less Saturated Fats – Obviously saturated fats are ‘bad’ fats that are often this way because of being refined, or are just naturally fatty. Foods such as whole dairy foods, fatty meat, fried food, and potato chips/crackers are very guilty of this.
  • Eat Less Packaged and Refined Foods – Foods that are packaged and refined and chemically altered to last longer on supermarket shelves have been stripped of many nutrients and often have other chemicals added that really mess with your hormones. Avoid these were possible!
  • Increase Protein Intake – Protein has been shown to really help with regulating mood, hormones and PMDD in general. High protein foods should be a must in your diet such as eggs, soybeans, tofu, low fat yogurt and lean meats.

For more information on all aspects of eliminating PMDD including exactly how to implement a PMDD diet, how to improve your mental state to alter your hormones, how to take control of your sleep cycle and many other methods that all tie together into a PMDD treatment that really works – click below to discover more.

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