The Top Meditations for Happiness and Prosperity

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Meditations offer many benefits, from inner peace to overall health. Whether you want to feel better about your body, or learn a new way to de-stress after a hard day at the office, these three meditations for prosperity and happiness will do the trick!


What Happiness Is, and How to Improve Yours!
• Happiness is the ability to feel euphoric emotions and experience satisfaction, joy, and acceptance in your life and about yourself.
• Get more happiness by seeking it internally rather than externally.
• Lasting happiness isn’t found in a shopping spree or a luxury cruise—it is found in how content you are with yourself, the gratitude you have, and the friends and family you seek out and have by your side.
Meditation #1 – The Forest
• Close your eyes and lay down while breathing in and out deeply.
• Focus on the image of a forest, and walk slowly through the wooded area—you’re alone except for the birds chirping and the squirrels munching away on the path beside you.
• Enjoy each step, and with each one you take, repeat the following: “Everything I need to know is within me.”
• Enjoy the sun cascading onto your bare skin, and see gorgeous redwood trees, as high as the sky. Take in each and every moment, and explore the happiness that is already within you.
Meditation #2 – The Beach
• Close your eyes, and breathe in deeply.
• As you exhale, imagine taking off your shoes and digging your toes into the soft white sands of the beach.
• Walk towards the ocean—smell the saltwater, look up to see the seagulls flying overhead, and feel the sun pouring its love onto you.
• Sit down under your blue umbrella, and take in the view of the tide. Tell yourself that you are surrounded by love, just like you are surrounded by the ocean’s beauty right now.
• In this very minute, you are filled with riches, and when you come out of this visualization, the “riches” will continue—through multiple avenues of income, unexpected sources, and even complete strangers who believe in you.
Meditation #3 – The Empty Box
• Sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe in and out, deeply.
• Focus on the image of an empty box in front of you—open it up, and begin to place each item one by one into the box.
• Those items are fear-based thoughts that are weighting you down—for example, worries you have about the future, bills, deadlines, the responsibility that parenting brings you, those “unanswerable” questions you want answers to, etc.
• Focus on the relief that each item dropped in the box brings you. Imagine feeling lighter and lighter with each item that’s lifted off of you and placed in the box—fill it up until the box is completely full.
• Open your eyes and repeat: “All of the weight is now lifted off of my shoulders. I can go through the rest of my day with ease, joy and happiness. This is my right, and I accept it as my truth.”

A Few Last Words …

If you want to increase your happiness, sometimes the best thing you can do is sit still, breath in and out, and get to know the depths of yourself—where true happiness resides. These meditations can help you get there, one minute at a time, when you devote yourself fully to the present moment, and your present breath!

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