The Treasures of Indian Wisdom

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Of course, when we consider chakras, meditation and what meditation is, there is one part of the world that immediately springs to mind: India. India was the place where the practice of meditation, especially the knowledge of chakras and bodily energies, became the most advanced, and the most written about, recorded and revered.


In ancient India, as in modern India, individuals were encouraged to meditate daily to calm their bodies, focus their minds and stay happy and healthy in body and spirit. Chakra meditation became something of a national past time for Indian people, and by utilizing this powerful practice, the ancient Indians were able to energize their bodies and minds.


Thus, they were able to build the most fascinating and successful societies on earth at that time, not driven by greed or the desire for material possessions, but by harmonious minds and motivated bodies realizing their potential.


In essence, meditation as a whole is a practice designed to help the human mind and body regain its focus, recharge its batteries and float in a sea of emptiness and quiet. Within this sea of tranquillity and relaxation, what you can achieve is essentially endless and full of unlimited possibility.


Should you wish it, you may find yourself withdrawing into a silent place, where nothing can harm you and your problems and worries drift away as foam on a wave. Should you wish it, you can begin to heal your problems and recognize the insignificant nature of your worries.


Should you wish it, you can get in touch with the divine and receive inspiration and beautiful visions and thoughts. Meditation is the tool with which we can unlock the secrets of our being, of our very lives.


We, as humans, are born with a desire to understand our existence. Since we came out into the sunlight and began to use our minds, we have been asking ourselves and one another what our purpose is in this world, why we have been brought here, whether or not there is a higher power and whether we are in control of our destiny, our potential and our own abilities.


Meditation is, and has been for centuries, a powerful and enduring method with which to begin answering these questions. When we combine the skills and abilities inherent in meditative practices with some knowledge of the energies of the body, what we have is a powerful tool to heal ourselves, to improve our mental and physical well-being and generally lift ourselves upwards out of poor health.


Meditation techniques give us the key to unlocking not just our inner sense of peace, but also to open the doorway to profound healing and energizing experiences.


For a vast amount of people in the East and the West, meditation is something, which is used as a fundamentally religious exercise. Indeed, meditation has revealed revelations, visions and divine instruction. It has inspired the greatest pieces of religious literature, poetry, painting and music.


However, one of the wonderful things about chakra meditation is that it doesn’t need to be connected with any belief in a particular deity or other religious aspects. It is a fundamentally human exercise. It’s a way of tapping into the wonder and potent energies, which are part and parcel of being a human. It gives us the ability to both find inspiration and be utterly detached from the world around us, our instinctive, animalistic desires and impulses.


Through chakra meditation, we can align our energies, we can drive ourselves forward, we can heal and ward off any physical or mental ill health, or heal our emotional issues which may be holding us back from reaching our true potential. We all have chakras; we are all energetic beings. As such, chakra meditation is something that can get us truly in touch with what it means to be human.


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