The Truth about Negative Calorie Foods – 45 Fantastic Ways To Burn Calories

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Are there actually foods that contain negative calories? That depends on how you define “negative calories”. While all foods contain a certain number of calories, many dieters like to fill up on foods that are high in fiber and low in calories – negative calorie foods.

The reasoning is that it takes more calories to digest these foods than the foods actually contain, leading to a net loss of calories. Dieters also favor foods that are rumored to speed up the metabolism, like chili peppers.

So what are some examples of negative-calorie foods? Celery, oranges, tangerines, lettuce, cucumbers, strawberries, and carrots are some of the most popular. Look for fruits and vegetables that contain few calories and plenty of water or fiber. These foods will fill you up and leave you with a calorie deficit for the day.

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