Tips and Tricks You Can Use The Red Tea Detox

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Now that you have a clear idea of how this detox program works, let me highlight some tips and tricks you can follow to stay on track. Do keep in mind that these tips only work once you commit to this detox program:




While the detox program itself is divided into phases, you have to start with a preparation phase before the program. A week before you begin the detox, you should start reducing your intake on addictive substances.



These range from dairy products to alcohol, to sugary items. The reason for this is that your body is likely to crave these items once you start the detox program. Dealing with the cravings can be a major challenge, one that you want to avoid during the initial stages. Hence, you will be better prepared to deal with the restrictions the detox program requires of you.




An effective remedy for cravingsand even hunger is fennel seeds. You can chew a few of these seeds every time you start feeling the pangs. This is an effective way to keep cravings in control and curb your appetite, the result of which is effective and healthy weight loss.





Even if you are pumped up to start the detox program, there is a chance that a certain part of your mind might dread the effort you have to invest down the line. You can prepare yourself for this by activating your prefrontal cortex.


Now, we don’t need to get technical here. The idea is to train your brain to stay positive when you start the detox program, which is the key to achieving the results you expect. You have to change your thought pattern so that you don’t fixate on the detoxification.


A great way to take your mind off this is by focusing on something pleasant. You can choose any number of ways to do so, including


 Spending time with friends

 Calling up a friend to have a nice chat

 Smelling essential oils or trying aromatherapy

 Taking long walks and getting close to nature

 Playing video games

 Watching your favorite shows & movies


In short, any activity that you find pleasant and which takes your mind off the detox program works. You can keep your mind engaged whenever you are dealing with cravings. This way, you will be able to fight them off without the risk of giving into the temptation.




There are no major side effects of following a detox program. Among the common occurrences is a headache. You might experience one during the initial stages, because toxins are escaping your mind and body, and also affect the sensitive tissues within your



You can overcome headaches using peppermint essential oil. All you need to do is apply a few drops of oil behind your neck or on your temples. After this, lie down in your room, turning the lights off.


In case you have sensitive skin, you should dilute the essential oil using any other carrier oil before you apply it to your scalp or neck. This way, you can rest assured you can enjoy its benefits, including getting rid of the headache.






You also have to be careful when working out during the detox program. You’ll be eating less than usual, and therefore, you have to work out smart, not hard. For instance, some people enjoy yoga and walking, while some people enjoying cycling or swimming.



Other options available to you include stretching and breathing exercises. These exercises boost blood circulation and also allow more oxygen to enter your bloodstream. This is important for removing toxins from your system quickly.



The ideal time to work out when you are fasting is when you have had a meal and are planning to eat again in a few hours. You can work out at high intensity when you know you will be consuming food not too far in the future. You can work on more muscles and also take up challenging routines.






Not many people know that brushing your skin lightly is an effective way to detoxify. You can choose to skip this part, but the fact that it is so easy to execute makes it a great addition to your detox routine.



All you need to do is purchase a soft brush that is ideal for your skin. Not only can you remove toxins this way, but you will improve the texture and appearance of your skin, which is an added bonus.



Make sure the bristles of the brush you purchase are not harsh or hard on your skin. Gentle bristles enable you to softly brush your skin, removing dead skin and enhance blood circulation. You can also enhance your lymphatic system, which will pump out toxins from your system.



Dry skin brushing can also reduce the appearance of cellulite. The trick is to work from bottom to top, i.e. start at your feet and go all the way up to your heart. You have to brush your skin in circular motions. You can go up to your scalp, if you want, but that is optional.



You’re now armed with a very valuable tool to help eliminate dangerous toxins from your body, promote weight loss and boost your health!


Yet what you’ve just read is only the tip of the iceberg. To really harness the full power of The Red Tea Detox and put your body onto an accelerated program of healing, cleansing and rejuvenation, you’re going to want to unlock the entire Red Tea Detox program, which

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