Tips For Reigniting Love

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Love is the most powerful force in a lasting relationship. When two people share it, magical things can happen. Genuine love fosters trust, caring, understanding, and a deep desire to work though even the most difficult times.

If love has gone out of your relationship or is starting to falter, it is not impossible to regain it. Couples tend to do better when they work on shoring up love together, but you can take steps on your own to tap back into this powerful emotion.

To reignite the flame and remind yourself and your partner why you fell in love in the first place, try the following:

  • Remind yourself of the traits that drew you to your partner. What is it about him or her that made you fall in love in the first place? What traits have developed over time that endeared you even more?
  • Remind yourself of the traits your partner fell in love with. Beyond appearances, what was it about you that attracted your partner? Is it possible to accentuate these traits to remind your partner of the feelings that bound you together in the first place?
  • Remain positive. Positive people are attractive to others. Work on adopting an upbeat, optimistic attitude toward yourself, your partner, and your relationship. Practice self-affirmations, refocus your thinking, and recognize the possibilities rather than the roadblocks.
  • Express your feelings. Saying you love your partner is important, but showing it is more vital. This is especially so when a relationship is strained or damaged. Be considerate of your partner in your actions, take the time to do nice things for him or her, and take care of yourself as well. Express your feelings of love and work to foster its presence in your life. When you appreciate your partner and your time together, you can rekindle the powerful love you once shared.

Love is one of the most important influences in your life together as a couple, but it isn’t the only powerful force. Passion for your relationship and your partner is also essential.

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