Treatment for Lipomas

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Lipomas are small, benign growths that occur below the skin, and they are quite common. Usually, these growths are not a health concern, because they are simply fibrous capsules filled with fat cells. It is common for these growths to grow in clusters, and usually if a person finds one lipoma then they will likely experience additional lipomas in their lifetime. Even though they are not harmful for your health, many people would like to get rid of the growths because they feel embarrassed about the appearance of the growths.

Does a Lipoma Need Treatment?

Because lipomas are benign, treatment is not needed unless the area becomes irritated or infected. Most people choose to treat lipomas for self-esteem or cosmetic reasons, especially when the growths are appearing in a conspicuous area of the body.

A person can live with lipomas for many years without a problem. Usually, the growth does not have any associated pain and it simply exists without causing irritation or aggravation.

In certain situations, a person may consider having a lipoma removed. Removal is usually suggested if the area has become infected, if there is pain associated with the growth, or if the growth is causing a blockage or discomfort.

Lipoma Treatment Options

Standard medical treatment for lipomas is to have a small surgical procedure in order to remove the fibrous capsule that is storing the fatty buildup. It is important that the entire capsule is removed, because if it is only drained, then it’s likely that the capsule will refill with fatty cells again.

If a surgery is completed to remove a lipoma growth, then the area will be numbed with local anesthetic. Next, a small slit is made over the growth, the growth is removed, and the tissue is sutured to seal it. Most people have a small scar from the procedure, although the scar may be a little bigger if it is a large growth.

Natural Treatment Options

Because many people are not excited about the idea of having the growth cut out, natural lipoma treatments are becoming more common. A simple adjustment of diet and lifestyle changes, along with certain natural supplements, can be an effective treatment for lipoma.


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