Tricks To Building A Chicken Coop On A Budget

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Building A Chicken Coop On A Budget

If you’re building a chicken coop with a firm budget in mind, there are a variety of different things you should keep in mind in order to have maximum success with your coop. Many chicken farmers spend more money than required trying to build their chicken coop. However, with a few simple adjustments, they could have saved hundreds of dollars if they planned correctly.

Below I’ll discuss some key points regarding building a chicken coop on a budget, these tidbits should help you on your coop project.

Choose The Best Land Before Building

The first thing you should be doing before building a chicken coop is taking a good look at the land you have available to build on. In most cases, you would be required to do some landscaping before building. This is due to the fact that building a poultry house enclosure on the ground that isn’t firm and level would significantly decrease the stabilization, especially as time progresses. That could, in turn, make it much more likely that rebuilding needs to take place i.e. more money required when the point of this was to build within budget, not consistently replacing every few years.

If you choose to hire help to do the landscaping, expect to pay big dollars because landscapers are not often on the low end of the pricing scale. The second option is to just do it yourself, but even still, this will take time and could still cost you a small amount fortune. Therefore you must decide ahead of time which route to take – is their time worth your money spent? Is your time worth more being spent elsewhere when they could do the required landscaping?

Survey your land available and locate the place where no landscaping will be necessary. You may need to look hard for this, but once you find it you’ll be happy you did. Many factors are involved here so simply take the time to choose wisely based on your time available and budget available.

Add Properly Placed Windows That Allow For Ventilation

The second thing you should take into account when building a chicken coop is to save yourself money by making sure you place the windows properly in your chicken coop. Windows are going to be the primary light source that your chickens have unless you plan to wire in an electrical light – which is very expensive and time-consuming. Also, windows will serve for ventilation purposes, which is another important aspect for helping your chickens maintain good health. By making sure the windows are stationed well and also allow for ventilation, you essentially kill two birds with one stone – and save yourself money in the process.

Build A Smaller Sized Poultry House

Finally, the third way to save money while building a chicken coop is to choose a smaller size. Obviously, the smaller you build, the fewer building materials you will need, which is often where you incur the highest costs. There’s no need to build bigger unless you absolutely have to. Doing this will not only increase your building costs from the start but could also make costs higher down the road as well as increasing your maintenance budget.

Unless you’re planning on selling the eggs commercially, often two to three chickens are plenty to give you more than enough eggs that you need every day. This is provided you are building a chicken coop that is durable and sturdy. So be sure you keep these points in mind. By taking the right measures you can certainly decrease your building costs and still go about building a poultry house enclosure that’s affordable and well within your budget.

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