Use Squidoo to Cash in on Your Keywords

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Not every great marketing tool online will cost you something. In fact, some of the best ones that you can find are free for anyone to use. Take Squidoo for example. With well over a million lenses, this website is loved by search engines everywhere and continues to have a high ranking. So how can you, as a marketer, take advantage of the strength Squidoo has?

Start by making sure that your keywords are in the URL you pick to use for your lens. For example, if you were selling men’s custom wallets, then your URL would read like this: or some variation of that. What you’re looking to use are top keywords that people look for when searching for the product. Whatever niche you’re in, you would want to make sure you target those words.

You would also want to make sure that the titles of the modules of your lenses also contained your keywords. For example, you might have, ‘How to choose the best men’s custom wallets’ as one module title. If you were selling your own products or selling as an affiliate, then you would create text hyperlinks to your domain.

You’ll also want to mention the keywords within the content of the lens. You would write between two to three paragraphs (200 words per module) and use the keyword phrase a couple of times.

The trick is to write the lenses so that they sound informational and have value. Lenses that blatantly sell don’t fare as well as the lenses that have quality content. Squidoo helps people with very few site building skills create a professional looking page online to promote almost whatever they want.

You’re going to be competing with others for the attention of millions of potential customers. Because the Internet is so vast and people have shorter attention spans, you’re going to want your product to be in the top search results.

Squidoo ranks high in the SERPs because it’s already recognized by Google as an authority site. The keywords used in your lenses and hooked to the power of Squidoo’s ranking is what gets your lens noticed, but you have to do a good job creating or curating the content provided to your visitors to get the click throughs you’re after.

When you embark on a journey to build Squidoo lenses, focus on quality, not quantity. And prepare both the SEO elements of the page as well as conversion aspects to make the most of this free, yet very powerful, web 2.0 site.

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