Week Three: Flexibility and Cardio – 6 Week Plan for Unfit Golfers

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As mentioned in last week’s section, flexibility is a key component of faster club head speeds. Muscle strength in the arms, legs, and chest is important, but it does not (and should not) serve as the main power source for your golf swing.


The amount of distance you put on a golf ball is directly related to how fast you can swing the club, not how strong or muscular your arms are. Many recreational golfers aren’t aware of this simple fact.


The only way to generate faster club head speed is to become more flexible. As your body limbers up and you are able to make a fuller backswing, your distance will improve significantly.


However, flexibility is not enough in and of itself. Balance is crucial for the proper weight transfer required in most golf shots. It is also important for those shots when your feet are not on level or stable ground (such as in the sand trap).


Flexibility and balance work together. One without the other will not do you much good when it comes to improving your golf game.


Your task for Week Three is to continue with the stretching exercises from last week, adding 50% more to each set. Don’t push yourself—if you cannot handle the full 50% increase, just do what you can.


Also try to increase the number of sessions this week, with a goal of 5 complete stretching sessions.


This week’s cardio goal is to increase your walking distance by at least 25%. If you can do more, all the better. If you can’t make it to 25%, do what you can and keep track of your progress in your notebook.


In addition to last week’s stretching exercises, include the following:



Trunk Stretch


You will need a long club or broomstick to do this exercise.


Stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Put the club or stick behind your neck and hold each end with your hands.


Slowly, turn your upper body to the right as far as you can and hold for a count of 5. Return to center and then turn to the left as far as you can. Hold and return to center.


Do 10 sets on each side.



Swing Stretch


Using the same set up as above, bend forward as if taking your normal golf stance. Turn as if you are in your backswing and hold. Most of the movement will be in your shoulders and hips.


At the top of your backswing, hold for a count of 3 and then slowly reverse direction as if coming into your downswing. Continue as if making your follow-through motion.


Perform this activity as often as possible, even if you cannot do the others. This exercise provides numerous benefits, including increased flexibility for those muscles used in the golf swing.



Note: During Week Three, if you begin to get  bored with your cardio training, feel free to incorporate other activities in lieu of (or in addition to) walking.


Some alternate ideas include riding a bike, swimming laps in a pool, or jogging. If your walking or jogging route is mundane, consider using different routes that have more to offer in terms of visual interest.


The key is to continue with an activity you enjoy that will increase your heart rate and build stamina.


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