What Are The Chakras?

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Our chakras are what control and regulate our inner energies. Our chakras are responsible for the movement, the flow and the potency of our energies. They absorb energies from the earth below us, soaking it in from the places we inhabit and the people we come across, and they absorb energies from other, more subtle realms, from the sky above us, wherefore comes wisdom and enlightenment.


Essentially, the chakras are seven powerful, potent and tireless energy centers that exist within our bodies, running in a straight line along the spine, from the top of the head (the crown), down to the base of our spine (the root).


The word “chakra” translates to ”wheel” in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, and these energy centers are usually depicted as pulsing wheels or vortex, spinning away in order to release and enrich various parts of the body with energy, while continuing the cycles of energy, which we require to stay healthy and happy.


What is fascinating about the chakras is that they not only provide various parts of the physical body with energy, but they also take care of our emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


This is due to the fact that the various parts of the body where the chakras are located are deeply entwined with various subtle aspects of our being. For example, a particular chakra may be partly responsible for the health and functions of one of our major organs and also be responsible for supplying us with the energy required to motivate ourselves to work hard or sustain a relationship with someone.


It may take care of our respiratory system and also allow us to focus on our life goals or feel a connection with our spiritual side. As a result, it is vitally important for us to look after our chakras and to keep these inner wheels spinning and clear, driving us and healing us of any physical problems.


This knowledge is of vital importance, for our chakras, powerful though they may be, are also highly sensitive. It doesn’t take much for a chakra to be blocked or for it to become depleted of energy.


Our chakras can even be overworked, or hyper-energized, upsetting the balance of energies within our bodies and causing a wide range of symptoms. This guide is designed to take the reader through each of the chakras in turn, explaining how they work and what they do. Additionally, you will receive advice on how to meditate on a particular chakra, clear it of blockages and ensure that your inner body is balanced and healthy, providing you with well-being and a sense of fulfilment and happiness.


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