When NOT to Exercise

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Exercise is a great addition to any healthy pregnancy but the health of your baby is the most important thing of all. So knowing when to put down the weights or hop off the treadmill and give yourself a rest is just as important.

No matter how fit you were before your pregnancy, you should not participate in any exercise with any of the following conditions:

Pregnancy Induced hypertension

Pre-term rupture of placenta membranes

Pre-term labor now, or in previous pregnancies

I ncompetent cervix

Persistent bleeding in 2nd or 3rd trimester

Intrauterine growth retardation

If you experience any of the following signs or symptoms while you are exercising, you should stop and seek medical attention right away:

Pain of any kind


Amniotic fluid leak


Shortness of breath

Chest pain


Muscles weakness

Swelling of the calves


Difficulty walking

Contractions/Pre-term labor

Unusual absence of fetal movement

If you weren’t involved in a regular exercise program prior to getting pregnant, the 1st trimester isn’t the time to start. If you are interested in incorporating exercise into your pregnancy try walking or other light exercise initially but wait until your 2nd trimester to add more challenging activities.

By this time, morning sickness should have subsided, you’ll be feeling more energetic than before, and your body will be more ready to handle the demands of an exercise program.

Of course we recommend checking with your doctor about exercising while pregnant – regardless of your activities beforehand. They may have slight modifications and/or suggestions for you specifically.

For specific exercises to do during each trimester of your pregnancy, complete with photos and descriptions, check out The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide.

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