When to Seek Professional Help

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While there is nothing magical about couples therapy (or individual therapy), if your marriage is in a severe state of crisis or all of your efforts to get things back on track have failed, you may want to consider couples therapy.  As mentioned earlier, if your partner won’t go with you, you can still benefit from talking to a trained therapist on your own – preferably someone who specializes in marriage therapy or couples counseling.


Unlike family or friends, as wonderful as they may be, a therapist doesn’t know you or your partner and doesn’t have a bias regarding your relationship.  Your therapist can help you look at things from different perspectives, gain clarity, and have a better understanding of the dynamics that may be sabotaging your relationship.


With your therapist, you can practice new skills and come up with a game plan to help get your relationship back on track.  A skilled therapist can also help you become aware of deeper issues, often from childhood, of which you might not be aware.  As you gain a better understanding and awareness of your own issues, you will be better equipped to start making healthier choices and decisions in your relationship.


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