Why ED Drugs Are NOT The Answer

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You’ve probably seen the commercials for Viagra, Cialis, and the other popular drugs used in the treatment of ED.


The big pharmaceutical companies are constantly bombarding you with ads, both on television and online, hyping the benefits of their latest class of “wonder drugs.”


They’re so popular that many people who don’t have even ED try to get their hands on some of the pills for occasional “recreational use.”


Have you ever wondered though, why pharmaceutical companies would target YOU in their ads?


After all, you can’t get these medicines without a prescription, so showing you an ad about these drugs seems counterintuitive. But when you think about it, it starts making more sense…


The first time you start experiencing problems with your sexual performance, you’re almost certain to ask your doctor for one of the drugs you’ve seen on TV.


Then, of course, once you see that the “magic pill” works for you, you’re hooked.


They’ve got a new customer for life!


The real problem here, is that the big pharma companies have absolutely NO interest in curing you of erectile dysfunction.


They’d much rather see you hooked on their very expensive drug forever. That’s guaranteed monthly revenue for them, but for you, it’s not really a cure, but a workaround and a financial drain.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ED treatments are the only class of drug they do this with though. Big Pharma is in the business of selling temporary fixes rather than permanent cures.


If they were genuinely interested in fixing your problem, they’d essentially be in the business of putting themselves out of business, and no for-profit company is going to do that.


The reality is that there ARE viable ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Not just treat it, but utterly cure it. Permanently.


Of course, the big pharmaceuticals don’t want you to know about them, because if you did…if you could find a natural way of curing your condition, then you wouldn’t need them anymore.


You’re a cash cow for them. A living, breathing sponge that they can suck dollars out of until the day you die, and they’d just as soon keep you that way.


If you’re going to have any real hope of solving your sexual performance issues once and for all though, you’ve got to really understand the condition.


ED is kind of a “catch all” condition. It has a number of different possible causes, some mental, some physical, some lifestyle, and sometimes, it can even be caused by other medications you’re taking to treat other serious medical issues you might have.


This, of course, works well for Big Pharma. If they can get you taking one medicine, and it has a side effect that causes you to have to take a second, they just doubled their money, right?


Now, I know what you’re thinking. The problem with this is that the same company might not make both drugs you’re taking.


That can happen, sure, but the reality is that there are only about half a dozen major pharmaceutical companies that make almost all of the most common drugs used by the modern medical establishment.


Is it really such a stretch to imagine a scenario in which they might do a bit of friendly cooperation? Everybody wins. They all get richer, month after month and year after year at your expense, so really, that’s not quite right.


Everybody wins but you, but of course, they’ve got you convinced that you win too, because they’re disguising their treadmill as a “fix,” when really, it’s just a temporary workaround.


The good news is that there are people who have poured hundreds of hours into sifting through all the garbage and BS to ferret out real, effective, natural remedies that don’t just treat your symptoms and put you on a treadmill of a different sort, but actually cure your condition once and for all.


The big pharmaceutical companies are predictably none too amused by their attempts to find actual cures, and they have been known to issue cease and desist orders on occasion.


Most of the time though, they don’t have to resort to such tactics, because they know that most of their customers won’t believe that there’s an actual cure, and will go right on faithfully paying them money, month after month, even if they hear about a permanent cure online.


Why? Because advertising is a powerful mechanism. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year convincing you that what they’re selling are cures.


If you hear the message enough times, you’ll believe them. If you believe them, you’ll comply. You’ll be a good little lamb and keep giving them money every month.


They don’t have to chain you to the treadmill, they know that more often than not, you’ll do it for them.


ED medications aren’t a cure. At best, they’re a temporary workaround to a problem you can fix yourself, for good. At worst, they’re part of the problem. So don’t allow yourself to get sucked in.

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