Why the Backswing is Important for Shot Accuracy

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A lot of experts believe that the backswing is actually more important than the golf swing itself. Golfing is all about precision, and the backswing is no different. Some of the top pros nowadays focus more practice time on golfing factors such as the backswing rather than playing shots. This decision comes down to the fact that playing a shot is not that difficult, but playing it accurately is a major challenge. In order to help you improve accuracy, here are a few tips to guide you in perfecting your backswing:
The Details
 Short and Simple: Keep your golf backswing short and simple. You don’t have to throw the club around to get power and accuracy on your shots.

 Small but Fast: The clubhead delivers the actual power. If you can get a fast strike with a small backswing, then you can maximize distance.

 Easier to Control: A short backswing is a lot easier to control, which is why it is often more accurate.

 Wrist Movement: Loosen your wrists so that the club hinges to at least 90 degrees in your hands.

 Distance Shots: By perfecting wrist movement, you will be able to get longer distances on your shots even with a short backswing.

 Don’t Lift Your Arms: When you make the backswing, don’t lift your arms up too high. This way you can eliminate unnecessary arm movements.

 Full Turn: A full turn is important to getting long distance and accuracy on your shots.

 Don’t Stop Turning: Most golfers stop turning their bodies when they make shorter backswings, which results in inaccuracy. You must always rotate your body and let it turn naturally.

 Avoid Narrow Backswings: Your backswing should be wide so that you get enough distance in your shots. Narrow swings result in inaccuracy and short distances.

 Shoulder Rotation: Maintain a shoulder rotation of 90 degrees. It may feel a bit tight at first, but with practice you will become accustomed to it. Stretching your shoulders during your warm-up will help.

 Hip Rotation: Rotate your hips to about 45 degrees or less in order to get the perfect execution.

 Over-Rotating Hips: A lot of beginners make this common mistake. Over-rotating the hips offers no benefits to your game.

 The Grip: Grip down the shaft so that you are nearer to the ball. This way you will have more control, which in turn will improve accuracy.

 Consistency: Try to create a level of consistency in your backswing. Don’t change the style of your shot making.

The Bottom Line

The quality of the shot, including accuracy and distance, is determined by your backswing. Therefore, the backswing is a golfing basic that, once honed, can boost your game by a big margin. It may seem that longer backswings will deliver more accuracy, but this is just a myth; some pros prefer a short backswing, saying it gives them accuracy and control and adds depth to their game. If you follow these tips, then you will be able to improve your backswing in no time at all.

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